Short Rental

Short-term printer rentals offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as it allows the renter to avoid the high upfront costs of purchasing a printer, and the responsibility of maintaining and repairing it.

Long Rental

This option is used by businesses that require a consistent and reliable printing solution but don’t want to make an upfront investment in purchasing a printer. Long-term printer rentals provide the benefit of predictable costs.

Printer Parts

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Who we are

While it is easy to lease a printer/copier in the traditional sense, over the past decade the concept of leasing has transformed into what business professionals refer to as managed print services. In addition to leasing, managed print services take a comprehensive approach to your printer requirements. This usually entails bundling the cost of leasing with expenses for servicing, paper, and toner so that organisations can lease equipment for a one-time monthly payment.

How We Can Help You

Our services deliver expertise to perform current state audits, procure and install technology, train employees, and provide support for your devices, wherever they are located.

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Preventive maintenance

Performing a maintenance check every month will extend the life of the printer and give the user the satisfaction that the printer will work on demand when it is called upon.

Full Service

We offer a wide range of services that accommodate each phase of your print production needs. We understand and embrace new technologies and equipment, and know how to apply them to ensure success for all your needs.


Our expert printer techs are here to provide you with an affordable, practical repair solution along with on-site personalised level of service.
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