Printer Rental is the place to go whenever you have a printing need.
Printer Rentals Western Cape

Printer Rental is a subsidiary of CBT and is arguably the best printing company in the Western Cape right now. Our company is unique in the sense that we have diverted from the way other printing companies conduct their business and the majority of our customers can testify to that. We have tailor-made our products to suit our wide range of customers due to the realisation that our customers have varying needs which emanates from the nature of their business, their revenue among other reasons.

What Makes Printer Rental Great?
Printer Rental caters for virtually everyone because we have a wide range of the latest printers ranging from the small business printers to production printers. We deal only with the world-renowned brands in the form of Canon, Olivetti, Xerox, Triumph Adler and Riso so that our customers get the best printing quality and the aforementioned printers are the best printers available.

Printer Rental is the only company in South Africa which allows you to rent a printer from a day up to the time you need it, whereas, with other companies, you have to rent the printer for a minimum of three weeks, which might be unfair on your part especially in a situation where you only need the printer for less than the required minimum rental period.

One of the main advantages of doing business with us is that our rates are affordable as compared to most of the companies around, but being affordable or cheap has nothing to do with the quality of our products, so at Printer Rental, we do not rent out cheap printers, we rent printers cheap.
The way our economic system is built now, it is risky to invest in a depreciating asset so it is better for you to rent from us and avoid being stuck with a printer you do not need.

Why Renting A Printer
You might be asking yourself the question, ‘why do i need to rent a printer when i can own one?’ Well, the answer is simple and straightforward. Printers are quite expensive and you do not have to spend thousands on a printer you will probably use for a few months so, you must spend less by renting a printer for the actual time that you need it for and save yourself some of your hard-earned money.

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