Office Printer Service & Supplies (Cape Town)

An office printer is a vital part of your day-to-day equipment and like anything with moving parts, it works better when regularly serviced.

In this article we answer the most common printer service related questions.

If you need your office printer serviced or require new printer parts, contact us today for the best service in Cape Town.


1. How much does it cost to fix a printer?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the type of office printer that needs be repaired or serviced.

Consider the different printer types:

·      Laser Printer

·      Inkjet Printer

·      Large Format Printer

·      A4 Multifunction Printer

·      A3 Mono or Colour Printer

The price to service an A4 multi-function printer for a small business for example, is less than the price to repair a commercial printer with more advanced technologies.

Contact us with your printer model number and our experts can give you a better idea of the costs involved with servicing or printer repairs.


2. Can HP Inkjet printers be repaired?

The costs related to repair an HP inkjet printer often outweigh the alternative of simply purchasing a new printer. If you have a Laserjet printer this may differ however.


3. Is it worth it to repair a printer?

It depends on the age of the printer to be honest. 

In the case of old printers, parts are often difficult to come by and in these instances, repair may not be the best way forward as parts may cost more than a new printer.


4. Do printers need to be cleaned?

Both laser printers and inkjet printers should be cleaned to ensure they remain functional and printing for longer.

In both instances using rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab will do the trick. Remove the ink-head or cartridge and gently clean the print heads.

Laser printers in particular are prone to dust and because they use toner cartridges, the mechanisms can become clogged when toner accumulates in small spaces.


5. What is a printer maintenance kit?

 A maintenance kit is a set of replacement parts for your printer. After your printer has printed a certain number of pages the parts get overused and need to be replaced.

Printer maintenance kits vary based on the printer type as discussed earlier, but typically include some or all of the following components…

·      Fan assembly

·      Fuser assembly

·      Pickup rollers

·      Separation pads

·      Corona assembly

·      Transfer roller


What areas do you service?

We service businesses in Cape Town.

Our offices are in Milnerton, but our experienced technicians travel daily to clients around the Western Cape.  

If your printer requires maintenance or a service don’t hesitate to contact us for the best solutions in Cape Town.

In the event you require a new printer for your business we stock popular brands like Hewlett Packard, Canon and Olivetti.

We offer flexible terms for printer rental or purchase options with over 100 models to choose from.

For more information contact us via telephone, email or complete the feedback form and an experienced consultant will help you.

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