As Cape Town’s leading printer rental company, we supply businesses small and large with the best office printers in South Africa.

Thanks to our fantastic relationships with big name suppliers like Hewlett Packard and Canon, unbeatable prices and world-class printer service, we have a wide range of clients.

If you’re thinking about renting a printer for your business but not sure of how it all works, read through these frequently asked questions or contact us today for expert advice.

We’re located in Milnerton and have experienced staff on hand to answer your questions, supply you with parts, find the best printer rental deals and service your office printers.

Below are the most common questions we get asked.


1. How much does it cost to rent a printer?

This depends on the type of printer you want to rent.

Consider we have the following options available… 

·      A4 Multifunction Printers

·      A4 Single Function Printers

·      A4 Colour Printers

·      Large Format Printers

·      A3 Mono Printers

·      A3 Colour Printers

 With that said printer rentals start at R235 per month and go up to several thousand per month for the commercial or industrial grade printers.


2. How much does an office printer cost?

This is not a printer rental question of course but certainly a popular one, for price comparison reasons of course.

 A good multifunction office printer can start at around R9,700 and go up to more than R100,000 for a heavy-duty commercial printer.


3. Is it better to lease or buy a printer?

The answer to this question largely depends on the situation your business is in. 

If you’re a start-up running in lean mode, you’ll more than likely want to guard your cash flow and in this instance renting or leasing may be your best bet.

The upside to renting is there are no large upfront fees and the monthly payments are very manageable. Yes, you pay slightly more for the printer over the course of the contract, but you get to use your cash for income producing activities like marketing etc.


4. How long are the rental periods?

Whilst you can rent a printer for as little as 24hrs, the average contract rental period is 30 to 60 months.

These rental periods may include the cost of paper, toner and servicing, leaving you stress-free during this time.


5. How do you calculate cost per page for printing?

As a rule of thumb printer supply companies estimate that 5% of a printed page will be covered in ink. If you take the cost of the toner cartridge and divide it by the number of pages it is expected to cover, you’ll have your cost per page.

This is merely an estimate and the cost would increase if you were printing pictures for example, where more ink per page is required.


6. How to get the best value?

The easiest way to get the best deal available on an office printer is to contact us for a free quote.

Our experts get specials all the time and know the printer market inside out.

Tell us what you need your printer for and we will find the perfect copier to match your needs, at the best price point in South Africa.


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We are the Cape Town printer experts for a reason and love helping our clients and prospects every step of the way.  

We look forward to hearing from you and partnering for all your office printer related requirements. 

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