In this article you’ll learn why a Laser printer is better for your office than an Ink Jet Printer.

You’ll also learn how to choose the right printer and what to take into consideration.

By the end of this article you’ll be somewhat of a Laser Printer expert 🙂


IBM released the first Laser Printer in 1975 to the business marketplace.

In 1984, Hewlett-Packard released their version called the “LaserJet” Printer.

This printer was released to the consumer market and revolutionised the home printer industry, or at least created it.

This is also the difference between a Laser Printer, which is the group term, and a LaserJet, which is a brand from HP.

Dominant Brand

HP is the dominant brand in the marketplace and has built a strong reputation of reliability and performance over the years since launching.

HP currently controls roughly 40% of the market with the next biggest competitor – Brother – at around 9%.

Do Laser Printers Need Ink?

This is the most common question we get asked from first time buyers.

Let me explain the printing process in a little more detail to help clarify how these printers work.

The laser Printer does not use ink, it uses a toner cartridge. The toner cartridge is filled with fine powder which is heated with a fuser. When the cartridge is at optimal temperature the text/copy etc is lasered onto the page.

Laser Printers vs Inkjet Printers

Laser Printers are better for office use and Inkjet printers are preferred for home use.

Here’s why…

Think of your office printing needs, typically as follows:

    Lots of Documents
    Speed Printing required
    No real need for colour

In an office environment the printing needs typically revolve around documents, and therefor it is not essential to have colour.

If colour is essential to your organisation, then Inkjet is the way to go, or perhaps a combination of inkjet and laser for the best of both worlds.

Printer Speed

Time is money and Laser Printers win the race with performance unmatched by Inkjet printers in the same price brackets.

This is where you take things like pages per minute (ppm) into consideration as well as how long the printer takes to warm up. All this plays into your monthly time budget and multiplied by your staffs hourly rate, so keep it mind when selecting a printer for your business.

Print Capacity & Speed

To elaborate on speed let me discuss three types of printers.

1. Personal Laser Printers

These are typical used for home offices or personal computing requirements and have a workload of 200 pages per week at an average of 8 pages per minute.

2. Workgroup Printers

These have an average capacity of 1,000 pages per week and a print per minute output of around 24 pages.

3. Production Printers

These are the hard-hitting industrial style printers that can run 24 hours a day and don’t need Red Bull.

These printers have a weekly output of over 50,000 pages and can churn out an astonishing 700 pages per minute!

You read that right 🙂

Printer Resolution

The majority of office printers come at an excellent resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi).

High-end printers are typically twice that and average 2,400 dpi.

Some low end printers still operate at 300 dpi and these can be fine if they have HP RET.

What happens at 300 dpi is that the edges of text are not always smooth and the copy can look a little “dirty”.

HP created a solution for this by using their RET technique which fills in the blanks and leaves the copy looking good enough for the human eye.

So remember, if you plan on purchasing a 300 dpi printer, make sure it is HP RET.

Printer Warmup Time

As mentioned earlier to you, time is always a consideration in any business, and printer warmup time plays into this.

A typical office printer will take around 5-30 seconds to prepare, as the printer needs to prepare the job firstly, and then warm up the fuser to do its job effectively.

Some Workgroup or Production Printers can take 5 to 15 minutes to warm up, so keep all this in mind when purchasing your office printer.


There is no doubt that if you want a good office printer then a laser printer is the way to go.

If you also need to print in colour then an inkjet is best for you.

Top Laser Printer Brands

These are our most popular Laser Printer brands in South Africa.

1. Hewlett Packard (HP)
2. Canon
3. Olivetti

If you want to rent, lease to own or purchase an office printer, contact us and a qualified sales person will point you in the right direction.

We stock over 100 of the best printers in the industry and several exclusive models too.

We look forward to hearing from you and servicing all your printer needs.

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