Rent a printer/photocopier machine or rent urgently for an event short or long term?

  • choosing a new printer/copier machine is no simple task and can take weeks – ensure you aren’t left without an emergency backup while you’re deciding on the right machine.
  • have an event that requires extra printers… don’t spend tens of thousands on a printer you only need for a few weeks
  • with Printer Rental, you can rent a printer/photocopier for as little as a day and as long as you need
  • we stock a variety of top-quality printer/photocopiers from established brands, such as Canon, Olivetti , Xerox ,Triumph Adler , Riso and much more.
  • whatever you require, Printer Rental has solutions for your requirements
  • it’s a quick & convenient short term rental solution tailored to your specific needs

How it works:

  1. Contact us to get started
  2. Accept the quote and e-sign the Master Rental Agreement [only for new customers]
  3. Receive your items … your rental will be delivered within 24 hours of you concluding the signing process
  4. Send us a copy of ID , 3 month bank statements and proof of address.
  5. Pay the deposit or fist month rent.
  6. Receive your printer.
  7. Set up included

Why rent with Printer Rental?

  • Printerental gives the best rates for rental while at the same time giving the most comprehensive benefits
  • Printerrental has been renting out servers for the last 10 years, so we know exactly how to help you with the best possible solution.
  • we provide top class service and have a variety of machines to choose from  – from small home office printers to large production machines.
  • PrinterRental has been renting out printers since 2007 and we have over 15 years of experience under our belt
  • Printerental provides rental services in Cape Town , JHB and Durban
  • we have in-house technicians that provides support for all printer problems.

How to rent with Printer Rental

Browse our range of Products

Browse the website. We have a range of Home and Office printers available. You may send us an online enquiry by adding items of interest to your cart. We also have sales agents ready to take your call, email or live chat.

Get a quote

Our Sales team will respond to your query within an hour and return a quote to you.  To help us guide you, please give let us know what you are using the equipment for. When you are happy, send us a signed quote.

A bit of admin

We need to know a little about you, as we are handing over some valuable assets.  If you are renting for the first time, we may need some info from you. Our sales agents will take you through the process.  The next time you rent, the process is even quicker.  Lastly, we offer a range of payment solutions – EFT, Credit Card or Account.

Make Payment
  • If you are a company – Payment is required prior to delivery. You may also apply for a Rental Account. Terms are available; please enquire!
  • If you are a private individual – You will need to pay by credit card, and have a matching ID. Alternatively, you may also pay a security deposit to cover the cost of the goods if you prefer to keep them afterwards!
We deliver (or you collect)

Once all paperwork has been accepted and payments received our Technical team will prepare your rental with our standard 25 Point Technical audit.  You can then collect your equipment, or for a nominal fee, we will deliver it to your door.  We also offer set-up and various support options.

Printer Rental Unique Concept

At Printer rental, you don’t rent a specific product, but rather subscribe to the services provided by the organisation. Rent a brand new Multi-functional copier/printer/scanner/fax machine – when you need it and for the period you want it. A high quality cost effective solution that will save your company now as well as in the long run.

Printer Rentals unique concept allows you the freedom to rent for a day , a week or a month to month option. Printer Rental is the new go to company for hiring printers in South Africa, short and long term. At Printer Rentals Cape Town we guarantee service excellence without the 5 year commitment. You may upgrade or downgrade at anytime, as your needs change.
Printer Rentals unique product offering guarantees it’s customers professional service standards – problematic machine will be replaced, seamlessly and without any impact to your productivity and budget. We provide free loan units and guarantee our service, Your copying and printing is our business. it is in our best interest to take care of all your copying and printing needs.

Benefits for you and your company

1. Economically viable – substantial savings on print and copy budget
2. Not discounted to the banks – In house rental – the benefit is greater flexibility in terms of contract
structuring, machine replacement, upgradability and billing simplicity
3. Machine swap-out performance warrantee – if we cannot repair a machine satisfactorily within 24 hours, it will be replaced with another one
4. Off balance sheet and unencumbered – No impact on your capital reserves
5. Simple Application procedure – one application – one company and no bank requirements (financials etc)
6. Quick turnaround time – average 24 hours
7. A full range of Products to suit your specific requirements at highly competitive prices
8. Flexible contract periods and terms (daily, weekly, monthly and annually)
9. Maximum response time of 4 hours for a call out – Optimum service levels
10. Negotiated premium service levels – on site technician, minimum performance standards etc
11. Simple upgrade procedure – No bank settlements for upgrades with Release

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