It is not possible to talk about printers and leave out Canon because Canon is arguably one of the World’s leading printer manufacturers and they do not compromise on quality. Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation that specialises in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products which obviously include cameras and lenses so it is evident that this is a huge company.

Printer Rental is a quality company and we also like to associate ourselves with quality, and it is no coinsidence that we mostly specialise in Canon printers but we strategically chose this brand because we believe that Canon prides themselves in quality service, something we also strongly believes in.

There is a wide range of Canon printers around and with the way technology is advancing, a lot of printers are released all year round with different and latest technologies so Canon customers are spoilt of choice . No matter how many printers are released, nothing beats a Canon colour printer because everyone is fascinated with colours and colour printers give you a different experience.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7500 series

An In-depth Analysis Of The Latest Canon Colour Printers
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7500 series is one of the latest printers from Canon which delivers excellent productivity and colour quality for your business. These big machine is specially targeted for high print volumes and it is an ideal investment for both internal and client facing communications. The C7500 series is user friendly and if you have any knowledge of printers , this one will be easy for you to use.

Canon MF730 Series
An In-depth Analysis Of The Latest Canon Colour Printers
If you are looking for proffesional printers which will add a proffesional look to your business , then the Canon MF730 Series is the one you looking for because it is specifically designed and engineered for modern workplaces, the mobile-friendly MF730 series printers feature all-new Canon laser technology, simple operation via the keyless touchscreen, Wireless Direct connectivity and fast, high-quality colour printing.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500 Series
An In-depth Analysis Of The Latest Canon Colour Printers

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500 series delivers high performance and quality colour output for demanding office environments. These intelligent multifunctionals enhance productivity through improved document workflows and an intuitive user experience whilst keeping your data secure. Making them an essential part of any modern day working environment.

Canon EQ80 imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5000 Series
An In-depth Analysis Of The Latest Canon Colour Printers

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5000 multifunctional printers from Canon’s EQ80 range efficiently meet your document needs while delivering strongly on your sustainability objectives.

For our EQ80 range we select best-selling models from the recent years and rebuild them applying Canon’s long-standing manufacturing expertise to produce affordable, high-quality multifunctional printers with significantly reduced carbon footprint. Because every product from the EQ80 range is built using 80% and more of already existing parts and components, we are able to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing by up to 80%.

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