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Office Printer Rental FAQ’s

As Cape Town’s leading printer rental company, we supply businesses small and large with the best office printers in South Africa. Thanks to our fantastic relationships with big name suppliers like Hewlett Packard and Canon, unbeatable prices and world-class printer service, we have a wide range of clients. If you’re thinking about renting a printer [...]

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Office Printer Service, Repair and Parts

Office Printer Service & Supplies (Cape Town) An office printer is a vital part of your day-to-day equipment and like anything with moving parts, it works better when regularly serviced. In this article we answer the most common printer service related questions. If you need your office printer serviced or require new printer parts, contact [...]

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Printers for Sale – What You Need to Know

Printers for Sale When you’re looking for printers for sale the options seem endless, before we get started with the best printers for your home or office, let’s discuss the types of printers available. Types of Printers Laser Printers These are the most common printer types for office use. Laser Printers are built for productivity [...]

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Laser Printers – Everything you need to know

In this article you'll learn why a Laser printer is better for your office than an Ink Jet Printer. You'll also learn how to choose the right printer and what to take into consideration. By the end of this article you'll be somewhat of a Laser Printer expert 🙂 History IBM released the first Laser [...]

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3D Printers are taking over

What is 3D printing? If you take a look at our Printer Rental website, you will notice that we also sell 3D printers, but what do you know about 3D printers? 3D printers are still a new thing in South Africa and just a few number of people know about them, but there is a [...]

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What is the best type of printer must i use?

Which type of a printer is right for your business? Buying a printer might look like an easy task but there are a lot of things to consider before buying a printer suitable for you. One of the main challenge you might face is the to decide between an Inkjet or Laser printer. Laser and [...]

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PRINTING PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS. Working with the latest high tech printers can be a daunting task, and you are likely to face challenges from time to time but Printer Rental is here to assist you with all your problems to make sure that your experience with our printers is a memorable one. The main problem [...]

Printer Rentals Western Cape

Printer Rental is the place to go whenever you have a printing need. Printer Rental is a subsidiary of CBT and is arguably the best printing company in the Western Cape right now. Our company is unique in the sense that we have diverted from the way other printing companies conduct their business and the [...]

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An In-depth Analysis Of The Latest Canon Colour Printers

It is not possible to talk about printers and leave out Canon because Canon is arguably one of the World's leading printer manufacturers and they do not compromise on quality. Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation that specialises in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products which obviously include cameras and lenses so it is [...]

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