Working with the latest high tech printers can be a daunting task, and you are likely to face challenges from time to time but Printer Rental is here to assist you with all your problems to make sure that your experience with our printers is a memorable one.
The main problem we face is that at times clients cannot separate between a printer fault and problems to do with the files. This article seeks to enlighten you on some of the common problems and how to solve them before you try to fix the printer which would otherwise be ok.
Here are some of the problems you will likely encounter:
1. PDF files
PDF printing is a common problem which you might have encountered and it is quite frustrating, but don’t despair because it can be easily fixed.
Common PDF problems and solutions
• One of the main challenges with PDF files is that a PDF file might look fine on the screen yet it can contain corrupt data which in turn makes printing difficult. If that is the case, try to recreate the PDF from the original source and this usually does the magic.
• A PDF file can be damaged in the process of downloading it from the internet, so you should download the PDF file again and save it directly to your hard drive.
• PDF fonts can be corrupted causing a printing problem, you simply have to reload the fonts to correct the problem.
• Your printer driver or firmware could also be a source of misprints or failure to print. If you get an ‘out of memory error’, the PDF could be too large for the printer to process. Try printing to a different printer.
• Print the file as an image (this may take a little longer than normal printing).
• The error can also be computer related, so you may need to restart your computer and try to print again.

2. Microsoft Word files
• If you encounter a problem when you try to print a certain document, you can close that document, and then try to print a different document. If you cannot print other documents, create a new document, and then try to print it.
• Most problems in Word files are caused by templates, so you must create a new template which you will use for all your word documents.

3. Web Printing problems
• You may have experienced a problem trying to print or view the print preview of a web page and receive a script error. This is common if your printer drivers are outdated, so you need to update them.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you face any challenges and our expert technicians will kindly assist you with your problem.

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